Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ducks on my mind...

 Hey y'all! I know this blog is about dogs, but I'm sort of getting into ducks. Alright in the last few days I have been looking into little tiny ducks and things like that. So, I was wondering if any of my readers know anything about ducks. I know if you come on my blog you are probably looking forward to a post about dogs, not ducks but I really love these things!

   So, I know the basics don't take them from their mother, or else bad thing will happen.But,I have know idea where to keep them or how to take care of them. I'm clueless. A duck isn't the most usual pet to have so there isn't many articles on it online so I need your help!

   Alright here's how you can reach me. Well the easiest way is right here on my blog, just comment below I'm always checking you comments. The second way you can reach me is though e-mail at and I will be making a post on Thanksgiving Day about who won and starting my latest series: PuPS and thanks to you guys our first PuP of the week is the Chihuahua! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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