Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Blog!

   Hey everybody! I made a a new blog check it out here !

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ducks on my mind...

 Hey y'all! I know this blog is about dogs, but I'm sort of getting into ducks. Alright in the last few days I have been looking into little tiny ducks and things like that. So, I was wondering if any of my readers know anything about ducks. I know if you come on my blog you are probably looking forward to a post about dogs, not ducks but I really love these things!

   So, I know the basics don't take them from their mother, or else bad thing will happen.But,I have know idea where to keep them or how to take care of them. I'm clueless. A duck isn't the most usual pet to have so there isn't many articles on it online so I need your help!

   Alright here's how you can reach me. Well the easiest way is right here on my blog, just comment below I'm always checking you comments. The second way you can reach me is though e-mail at and I will be making a post on Thanksgiving Day about who won and starting my latest series: PuPS and thanks to you guys our first PuP of the week is the Chihuahua! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Party Pics!

BEST PARTY EVER! For those of you that followed you past blogs this is the official pics of the puppy party!
                                                  The party guests

The homemade birthday cake!

The goodie bags!  :)



And the birthday girl...Zuly! 

This has to be my favorite picture :)
Thanks to everyone for helping with suggestions for the party Zuly and her friends had a great time :) P.S. The cake was AWESOME! <3

Friday, October 28, 2011

Why does your dog chew everything?

  Hey everybody! I've been busy trying to get things together for Zuly's party. Well, I know it is kind of early but I figured out who won that contest I told y'all about the other day. And the winner is... Inthesky! Thank you for all the people that gave me ideas I went through them all and loved them. But I think the Peanut Butter Bones sound yummy! Thank you Inthesky! :)

    Alright lets get down to business. This is a biggy for most dog owners...chewing! Chewing is normal for all dogs - that's just the way they were created. One reason dogs chew is because they are bored. But sometimes if you have a young puppy, they might be teething and that is completely normal as well. Some dogs like to chew because they are simply curious.  

       As I said before chewing it not irregular for any dog, but can lead to a very destructive and annoying habit for their owners. One way you can correct that is with lots of toys. So instead of chewing your house down they will chew their little toy.
      Whenever you see your dog chewing on something try to make a high pitch sound with your voice. Your dog will look at you and stop chewing the thing he/she was chewing before. Also if your dog is very bored just sitting at home all the time, of coarse they are going to chew your house to the ground. So in that case make sure they get out and about and exercise.

    Thanks everybody! If you want any other info on dog chewing this is a great website: ! Just a little reminder make sure to vote on the top right corner for the first dog breed I will make a post about! Next week in the poll will have new dogs for a new week! Byee!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Zuly!

       Hiya! As you can see I love to do contests and games here, but to day I need a little help. Well, my dog's birthday was October 18th and we are celebrating her party this weekend. I want to have a small party for her and here closest buddies.
  My dog's name is Zuly she is a newly turned 6 year old pomchi ( Pomerainian/Chihuahua) she love to play but is sassy and does not like to get dirty. I was thinking of having 2 or 3 dogs come over and have a little party. I think that is a good idea but i want a great idea! I don't want a simple party for my Zuly.

      Now this is where yall come in I need great ideas from great minds! I need great ideas for my puppy party. This may include gift ideas, pupcake recipes, decoration ideas, party favors. Whoever gives me the best suggestions will be meanioned in my next blog post!

    So calling all creative people! HELP! Oh and the party is on Sunday afternoon. IF you want to privately share your ideas my email is if you really dont care just share them in the comments box below! Can't wait! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update: PUPs

Yo! Sarah here! Well before I get into the awesome news I have to tell you the results of the last poll. Lamb! Lamb is the best for your dog. Meat is harder for your dog to digest.

   Woohooo! So here is the news! Well I am starting my first series about PUPs. This series is going to be about different dog breeds which you all choose. :)

    If you will look at the poll I put on the top right hand corner, I put a poll that says what is your favorite breed. That is where I will be getting my first breed or if you have different suggestion you can email me at !

    So make sure you VOTE! :) Till next time!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Why does my dog snore?

   Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting lately my birthday just came up last weekend and I celebrated this whole week and weekend but I'm back! So I just wanted to remind all of y'all to vote in the top right hand corner of my blog tomorrow I will be announcing the winning answer and making a whole post about it!
    So in this post I will be talking about how your dog snores.... interesting subject right? So let me give you an example here. Your dog and you are sound asleep and your little K-9 starts to snore like no body's business. What does you do shake him until he wakes up, or do you carry him to another room?

   No. The first thing your wanna do is in THAT situation is just take the dog out of the room. Then, the next morning try to decide weather your dog is over weight or not. If your dog is overweight he might snore because he should shave off a couple pounds.

   Not all dogs snore because they have a health issue, some dogs just snore because simply....they snore. But other dogs just have health issues and in that case you should check with your vet.

   Dogs with short, pushed in noses such as pugs or boxers might be prone to snoring too because the way their noses are constructed, they have narrow nostrils and cant get as much air through as other dogs.

   I'm not gonna lie I haven't studied up alot about this topic but I have heard this is common problem. If you want to leave me some comments below about your smarties about this subject. I'm sure that I have left some info out of this post but the info here is 100000% true.

 Email me your problems at and if your lucky I'll make a whole post about it. Here's the question of the day:
             Does your dog snore...loudly?
 Can't wait to hear all your interesting (FUNNY) stories!

       <3 Sarah