Friday, October 28, 2011

Why does your dog chew everything?

  Hey everybody! I've been busy trying to get things together for Zuly's party. Well, I know it is kind of early but I figured out who won that contest I told y'all about the other day. And the winner is... Inthesky! Thank you for all the people that gave me ideas I went through them all and loved them. But I think the Peanut Butter Bones sound yummy! Thank you Inthesky! :)

    Alright lets get down to business. This is a biggy for most dog owners...chewing! Chewing is normal for all dogs - that's just the way they were created. One reason dogs chew is because they are bored. But sometimes if you have a young puppy, they might be teething and that is completely normal as well. Some dogs like to chew because they are simply curious.  

       As I said before chewing it not irregular for any dog, but can lead to a very destructive and annoying habit for their owners. One way you can correct that is with lots of toys. So instead of chewing your house down they will chew their little toy.
      Whenever you see your dog chewing on something try to make a high pitch sound with your voice. Your dog will look at you and stop chewing the thing he/she was chewing before. Also if your dog is very bored just sitting at home all the time, of coarse they are going to chew your house to the ground. So in that case make sure they get out and about and exercise.

    Thanks everybody! If you want any other info on dog chewing this is a great website: ! Just a little reminder make sure to vote on the top right corner for the first dog breed I will make a post about! Next week in the poll will have new dogs for a new week! Byee!

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  1. It may seem that dog chewing is a just a light issue that we can just ignore. but the truth is, it's not. Dog chewing is an issue that if not been resolved leads into dog biting issues. How's that? now it's serious.


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