Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Zuly!

       Hiya! As you can see I love to do contests and games here, but to day I need a little help. Well, my dog's birthday was October 18th and we are celebrating her party this weekend. I want to have a small party for her and here closest buddies.
  My dog's name is Zuly she is a newly turned 6 year old pomchi ( Pomerainian/Chihuahua) she love to play but is sassy and does not like to get dirty. I was thinking of having 2 or 3 dogs come over and have a little party. I think that is a good idea but i want a great idea! I don't want a simple party for my Zuly.

      Now this is where yall come in I need great ideas from great minds! I need great ideas for my puppy party. This may include gift ideas, pupcake recipes, decoration ideas, party favors. Whoever gives me the best suggestions will be meanioned in my next blog post!

    So calling all creative people! HELP! Oh and the party is on Sunday afternoon. IF you want to privately share your ideas my email is if you really dont care just share them in the comments box below! Can't wait! :)



    Have you tried this website about Dog Parties? :)

    Oooh they also have recipes for dog party treats, Peanut butter bones sound nice :)


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