Sunday, October 09, 2011

Why does my dog snore?

   Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting lately my birthday just came up last weekend and I celebrated this whole week and weekend but I'm back! So I just wanted to remind all of y'all to vote in the top right hand corner of my blog tomorrow I will be announcing the winning answer and making a whole post about it!
    So in this post I will be talking about how your dog snores.... interesting subject right? So let me give you an example here. Your dog and you are sound asleep and your little K-9 starts to snore like no body's business. What does you do shake him until he wakes up, or do you carry him to another room?

   No. The first thing your wanna do is in THAT situation is just take the dog out of the room. Then, the next morning try to decide weather your dog is over weight or not. If your dog is overweight he might snore because he should shave off a couple pounds.

   Not all dogs snore because they have a health issue, some dogs just snore because simply....they snore. But other dogs just have health issues and in that case you should check with your vet.

   Dogs with short, pushed in noses such as pugs or boxers might be prone to snoring too because the way their noses are constructed, they have narrow nostrils and cant get as much air through as other dogs.

   I'm not gonna lie I haven't studied up alot about this topic but I have heard this is common problem. If you want to leave me some comments below about your smarties about this subject. I'm sure that I have left some info out of this post but the info here is 100000% true.

 Email me your problems at and if your lucky I'll make a whole post about it. Here's the question of the day:
             Does your dog snore...loudly?
 Can't wait to hear all your interesting (FUNNY) stories!

       <3 Sarah


  1. My dog, a little Yorkie, never snored, but I had a friend who's dog, a puggle, snored like a tractor! It was pretty funny, because he was just a little dog but he was 10 times louder than their huge dog. He also had such a large under bite that you could see all his bottom teeth sticking out of his mouth. They almost had to give him doggie braces! Hilarious.

  2. I typed out a long comment with a snoring story for this post, and then my computer deleted it. The essence of it was, my friend's Puggle used to snore. And he had a huge underbite that almost caused them to get him doggie braces. But I'm not going to retype the rest. Gr...


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