Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Does my dog really miss me that much?

   Has there ever been a day when your coming home from work and your dog is so excited to see you? And he or she brings you a toy or sock? Or does your dog do any of these things?

   Well, that is completely normal, your dog just misses you! My Pomeranian does this same thing and at first I thought my dog had a bad memory or something. When I would go out to get the mail and came back in she would act like she hadn't seen me in days.

   But I researched it and I found that this is completely normal! After a long day at work you dog has missed you, right? So your dog is just giving you a token to show how much he loves and misses you. Your dog thinks of you as their master and he is giving a gift of love. Isn't it amazing how much your dog understands!?

   So in conclusion, don't worry if you see after a short period of time out of the house your dog greets you as if you had gone out on a vacation for a week. Dogs are loving animals they can get very close with you if you let them! Is it just me or do you just adore those little K-9s!

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