Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Calling all creative people!

Thanks for all the amazing comments I will try to make this blog the best it can be but you'll just have to be patient with me. I'm still working out all the kinks, but this is going to become.....(drum roll please..) a dog and puppy blog. On this blog from now on I will be posting pics and sharing tips on all things K-9 (sorry cat lovers).But I need your help I'm not very creative and I can't think of anything I should put as my background. I would like to have something cute and creative, but as you have advised me, something not so loud.

I really like the colors hot pink, turquoise, and lime green. So if in anyway that can fit that theme of my blog that would be great! So basically I'm letting you create my blog background. Feel free to send me any links, videos, or pictures of blogs you think are nice or pictures of patterns you like for me.I'll look through them all and pick my favorite. (Remember I'm a loud person so don't give me any granny pattern or colors)

Also does anybody know how to make a logo (blue) for the name of my blog. Because I don't know how I see all these beautiful logos on peoples walls and I kinda get jealous. I would love to have a picture of a dog somewhere but I don't think that possible. Is it?

P.s. As soon as I find my winner I'll start renovating my blog around my background! So exciting!!

<3 Sarah


  1. Just don't pile on the saturation. XD Those colors in their fully saturated form are the kinds of things that can blind a person at a distance. (Not literally, but it's bad.)

    I think having a white background for your text with turquoise/lime green/hot pink highlights in areas (headers, links, etc.) would be good for leaving your stuff readable but not leaving it too bland. I don't know of a theme I can point out to you right now, but something like the format you have right now--background of your choosing (one that looks good as a background, i.e. not distracting from all your content!), a white/light background for your posts, and one color to be your accent color. That should work. ^^

  2. Thanks! Do you like my new back ground for now!? I really like it but now i feel like my posts are bland and white.:( Kepp the suggestions coming!

  3. I like your new background - love the colour! It makes things so much easier to read. And your blog will definitely be of interest as I'm a dog lover myself. (Love cats too but Firstborn is allergic) Once you start adding photos you won't think it looks bland. I have found this much easier to read. Good job! Zena xXx


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