Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why does my dog lick everything?

   Do you ever see your dog licking the floor or anything all the time? Well that could be a sign of boredom, illness, pain, or stress. Licking is normal for all dogs by licking themselves they clean themselves. Your dog can just be a really clean K-9! Not all licking is bad, dogs use licking to see what the taste of what is in front of them, much like babies and toddlers. But if you see your dog sitting there for hours licking the floor or themselves, you should check with your vet to see if his licking is normal.

   The first thing you need to do with an obsessive behavior is to determine which one of the above probelms your pup has. You have to deal with the probelm before you can get results. But either if your dog's licking is normal or needs medical help, just to be safe I would mention it to your vet.

   If you see that you dog is down or bored, it could just be sign of boredom which you really don't have to seek medical attention. If you pay attention to your dog's licking and you see that he is licking alot in a certian place that could be a sign of allergies or pain. In that case you should check with your vet to make sure your pup isn't in pain.

   But in the end, if you find the probelm in time and give your dog the proper treatment you can stop the bad behavior and your dog will be as good as new! If you see any werid behavior in your dog, licking or biting please contact me so I can try to help you out and give you some personal tips.

<3 Sarah

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