Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My blog is under construction ..

Hey! In the pasted few hours I made some important decisions for my blog. I was talking with very smart people online and they gave me some great tips on how to make my blog better. So in the next few days my site with be changing! Be pumped!
<3!  Sarah


  1. Hi I saw your post in Ravelry, a few friendly comments.
    Your posts are a little hard to read. Maybe you could change the font to a different colour or Bold the text.
    Also people like to see random photos. I dont know how some people get them to appear well taken, I am still learning that.
    Take a look at my blog and comment on what you do or dont like.

  2. Thanks soo much for the suggestions!i will diffenetly try them im going to turn the site into a place where you can post pics of ur animals and pics you find its gonna be awesome! Im also gonna share some advise about training and taking care of puppies and dogs!

  3. Agree about the posts being hard to read. I'd lighten up the background for the posts if you can--a lighter background with black text is going to be more readable than this background with bolded text.

    Also, consider checking your posts before publishing with spell check and just running an eye over them to see if they read well. (Read it out loud and see if anything sounds awkward). The easier a post is to read, the more people will stick around to read it. ^^

    Finally, if you can, pictures are amazing for a blog. I know that sometimes, when I'm tired, I love just browsing through posts and finding amazing photos that people have taken. Good, crisp, colorful photos can pull people in. ^^

    (Also, I know this is probably a personal blog, but if you want people to read it, it might be good to have a focus--i.e., mine is mainly knitting and other things related to yarn, like dyeing it myself. Also maybe try for more meaningful posts. You don't need to wax poetic or be philosophical, but if it's something you would send in just one short text, maybe save it for something else?)

  4. Even with the blank background, your posts are difficult to read. Paragraphs are your friends. Most people will never read a blog post made up of a single huge paragraph.

    I agree with the others. You need to spell check and proof read your text before publishing. Just because a word is spelled properly does not mean it is the right word.

    Additionally, you may want to ponder how you are presenting yourself to the internet. Reading your posts, I wonder how old you are and if your parents know you have a blog.

    Oh, and to build a following, not only do you need to do everything that has been suggested, but you also need to be active in the blogging community and reply to comments via email to build your own network. Most folks will not return to a blog post to see if the blog owner has replied to them.

    Good luck and remember that not all attention is good attention.

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